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Several practical functions of stainless steel screens
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Stainless steel products can be used in many places, such as stainless steel screens, stainless steel lines, stainless steel coils, etc. Let us introduce several practical functions of stainless steel screens.

practical functions of stainless steel screens

1. Segmentation and space-oriented functions
Stainless steel screens are important indoor furniture and are often placed in conspicuous positions. Wind shielding and obstruction are the main functions of the screen. With the changes in living styles, the scale of furniture has increased accordingly, and the layout of the screen in the room has a certain pattern, generally there are two ways of symmetrical and asymmetrical. Generally, the hall is placed in the middle of the front of the screen with chairs, and on both sides. There are four chairs facing each other, or only two round stools in front of the screen, for the host and the guest to sit against each other. This is the main function of ancient screens. Therefore, the earliest function of the screen is the barrier, which can flexibly divide the space, and at the same time has a certain orientation to the space.

2. Obstructive function
Blindness is another function of the screen. "The screen deliberately blinds the eyes and the bright moon, and the lights are ruthless to sleep alone." The poems in the "Beauty Complaints" of the Southern Dynasty's President Chen Jiang describe such a scene. Ancient screens can be used to separate internal and external spaces. In fact, many stories happened behind the screen. In order not to show his personal affairs in front of the guests, the host must use a screen as a barrier to divide his reserved private space.

3. Windproof function
Windproof is one of the functions of the screen. As the name implies, the screen is an appliance used to keep out the wind in ancient history. Because ancient buildings were dominated by brick and wood structures, the buildings were well ventilated to prevent moisture. However, when the weather is cold in winter, the cold wind makes people uncomfortable. At this time, the screen is placed as a movable wall at the air outlet. Divert wind direction.

4. Decorative function
In modern times, the main function of the screen has changed from the practical function of the past to the purely decorative function, which means that the screen, as a visual language, is directly placed in our living environment and plays the role of decorating the environment. The meaning of the picture has also changed from the thematic decoration of the past to the decoration of pure composition and pure decoration. Therefore, the main function of modern screens is decoration first, practicality second, and more emphasis on decoration.

5. Stage decoration function
In addition, there is a type of screen work in stage art that is used to arrange the stage space and draw the screen type related to the stage background. Here, it is called stage screen for the time being, such as modern theater stage, modern dance theater stage, modern drama stage, TV Stages, etc. They are used to divide space. The screens decorating the stage background are also one of the important types of modern screens, which are obviously different from screens in public environments and household screens. Modern stage screens emphasize the sense of the lens. There can be several screens on a stage at the same time, pay attention to the configuration of the front and back scenes, and pay attention to the overall space composition of the stage.

practical functions of stainless steel screens

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