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Hongwang hot annealing& pickling line combine in line 3-stand tandem mill trial production succeed
Time:2020-10-30 Source:Wuxi Hongwang Hits:

stainless steel production line

At 18:18 on October 15, the second phase annual output of 500,000 tons of hot annealing and pickling line combine in line 3-stand tandem mill puts into trial production in Yangjiang Hongwang ,The surface, the color roughness, hardness and other properties of the product have reached the expected index.

stainless steel trial production

Compared with the common No.1 raw material, the surface roughness of 2E semi-finished products produced by the new production line are more delicate and the surface color is more uniform. At the same time, the grain size index is better; the head and tail defects are less; and the plate shape is more effectively controlled. The mechanical properties, surface quality and grinding efficiency of the final products will be  improved by using 2E raw materials in subsequent tandem cold rolling mills and 20 high cold rolling mills.

Yangjiang Hongwang uses advanced automation, information and intelligent technology to realize centralized control of the plant and "unmanned" operation of the production line, making the production workshop a "smart factory" benchmark in the industry. The smooth trial production of hot annealing and pickling line combine in line 3-stand tandem mill with an annual output of 500000 tons in the second phase will further improve the product structure and product quality of Hongwang group, so as to provide customers with higher quality products and better stable services.