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Hongwang Group and Beijing University held a school-enterprise exchange symposium
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On May 18, 2022, Professor Zang Yong, Deputy Director of the University Council of Beijing University of Science and Technology and former Vice President of Beijing University of Science and Technology, and Dong Liang, Deputy Dean of the Shunde Graduate School of Beijing University of Science and Technology, together with teachers and students from the school, came to Hongwang Group for an exchange symposium. Dai Cuhui, chairman of Hongwang Group, Gao Zhice and Liu Ziran, vice presidents, attended the exchange symposium.

At the meeting, the Hongwang Group and Beijing University of Science and Technology Shunde Graduate School Internship Practice Base Awarding and Corporate Mentor Appointment Ceremony was held briefly. In-depth discussions were held on projects such as stainless steel and silicon steel special technical seminars. Professor Zang Yong enthusiastically introduced the development history and advantageous discipline construction of Beijing University of Science and Technology and Shunde Graduate School. Afterwards, Dai director had a cordial exchange with the visiting students.

Professor Zang said that the school attaches great importance to students' teaching training and employment. The school has always actively strengthened its relationship with enterprises, and emphasized to "send students out and bring in mentors", and strive to do a good job in talent cultivation and social service.At the same time, it is necessary to establish a regular communication mechanism with excellent enterprises, complement each other from multiple dimensions such as product research and development, platform co-construction,talent introduction and cultivation, promote win-win cooperation between schools and enterprises.

Dai director emphasized that the in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises is an important platform for enterprise technology development and talent introduction, especially with the University of Science and Technology Beijing, which is a leading discipline in the fields of metallurgy and metal materials.Hongwang must dare to explore new modes of school-enterprise cooperation, actively expand related cooperation with Shunde Graduate School of University of Science and Technology Beijing, cultivate a team of young technical reserve talents and reserve cutting-edge science and technology, and help enterprises develop high-quality and sustainable development.