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Three main links of pickling stainless steel pipe processing
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Processing of pickling stainless steel pipes: pickling and passivation (phosphatization and saponification) cleaning operations vary depending on the equipment being cleaned, the material of the pipeline, the nature of the attachments such as rust and the use requirements, etc., and there are different cleanings Formula and process conditions. However, the process and cleaning principles are generally the same, that is, water washing to remove mud, sand and dust; alkaline washing to remove grease and alkali-soluble substances; water washing replacement; acid washing to remove oxide scale and rust; water washing replacement and rinsing; Passivation protection; process residual liquid treatment and other 7 parts. In the above procedure, alkaline washing, pickling and passivation are the three main links, and pickling is the core of the entire cleaning operation. Water flushing and other transitional measures as the main link and residual liquid treatment are also very important and indispensable. Among them, the three main links of alkali washing, pickling and passivation are the key.

If the pipeline is cleaned and it does not enter the commissioning stage soon, oil must be spread in the pipeline in time. And to form an oil film on the entire inner wall to avoid secondary rust. After oil washing, the pipeline must be inspected again before commissioning, especially at the bends of the pipeline and the places where the oil is easy to accumulate in the large collecting chamber. Open the pipeline for inspection, release the remaining oil, and rinse with clean oil until no impurities are visible.

Pickling stainless steel pipe

a. Pickling and passivation process

Degreasing and cleaning dirt, pickling, passivation, water flushing, inspection, and drying

b. After the stainless steel container or parts are completed, according to the requirements of the drawings and process documents, and after the specified items are qualified, the weld and the welding slag and spatter on both sides of the weld shall be cleaned up. The surface of the machined parts of the container should be cleaned with gasoline or cleaning agent to remove oil stains and other dirt. Only pre-treated containers or parts can be pickled and passivated.

c. The surface of the pickling passivation container or parts must be rinsed with clean water, and then test any part of the rinsed surface with phenolphthalein test paper to make the PH value between 6.5-7.5, or use filter paper to check the degree of cleaning, no blue Color is qualified. Then wipe dry or blow dry with compressed air.

d. After the containers and parts are pickled and passivated, it is forbidden to bump and scratch the passivation film during handling and storage.

pickling stainless steel pipe

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