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What are the different options for stainless steel?
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What are the different options for stainless steel? Because strip steel is easy to rust in air and water. The corrosion rate of zinc in the atmosphere is only 1/15 of that of steel in the atmosphere. The stainless steel belt is protected from corrosion with a dense galvanized layer. Steel belt refers to a conveyor belt made of carbon steel. As the traction and load-bearing parts of belt conveyors, it can also be used to bundle goods. It is a long and narrow steel strip produced by various steel rolling enterprises to meet the industrial production needs of various metal or mechanical products in different industrial sectors.

Today's stainless steel strip, also called strip steel, has a slightly different length according to the size of each roll. Steel belts are divided into ordinary steel belts and high-quality steel belts according to the materials used. It contains two types of hot rolled steel strip and cold rolled steel strip. According to the surface condition, the steel strip is divided into the original rolled surface and the electroplated surface.

According to the purpose, it can be divided into ordinary steel belt and special steel belt. The new strip rectification device can adjust the angle between the roller components on both sides of the sliding plate according to the degree of deviation of the strip, so as to correct the deviation quickly and effectively and ensure the stable conveying of the strip. The structure is simple, safe and reliable, and production efficiency is improved.

Nowadays, it involves the understanding of the field of steel strip processing, especially a cold rolling process of steel strip, in which the loading roller and the unloading roller are respectively fixed on the upper end of the base. The cold rolling mechanism is driven by the power mechanism. In order to prevent the steel strip from deviating during the processing process, the brush of the foreign matter removal mechanism is used to make the foreign matter on the surface of the steel belt be removed by the brush when the steel belt passes through the receiving roller. Avoid scratches caused by foreign objects on the surface of the steel strip during cold rolling.

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