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Chinese Nanjing Porch Rose Golden Stainless Steel Metal Screen
Time:2021-03-05 Source:Wuxi Hongwang Hits:

  • APPLICATION:Rose Golden Stainless Steel Metal Screen
  • COUNTRY:Nanjing,China
  • USED MATERIAL:NO.4 Finish& Hairline
  • GRADESS201
  • REQUIREMENT: Not only reflects the practicality and comfort, but also reflects a certain cultural taste

As the first "scenery" to enter the entrance, the porch plays a very important role in decorating the space, dividing the area, guiding the direction, etc. Therefore, the design of the porch is very important. It can simplify the complex and sometimes achieve unexpected decoration effect. It not only reflects the practicality and comfort, but also reflects a certain cultural taste. This time, the custom-made stainless steel porch partition in Nanjing, the rose gold stainless steel plate on the side is engraved with Tang poetry and Song Ci in regular script, echoing the black-and-white landscape behind the front floor plan, which is quite a combination of ancient and modern, and has the charm of time.

decorative stainless steel panels

decorative stainless steel panels

Rose gold stainless steel screen, partition processing technology:

1.Technology of laser hollow screen

After surface treatment, rose gold was plated in vacuum, and then the screen was hollowed out by laser. Through the large laser cutting machine to get the rough pattern, and then after surface treatment, vacuum electroplating coloring.

2.Welding and polishing process of screen

After surface treatment, pipe or plate processing molding, and then welding polishing, electroplating rose gold.

Such a way of design and collocation makes the whole space quiet and beautiful while being rich

The decorative stainless steel panels produced by Wuxi Hongwang can be flexibly used in the production of various types of stainless steel screens. If you want to know more about the use of decorative stainless steel panels, please contact us.

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