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Malaysia Hotels Golden Stainless Steel Metal Screen
Time:2020-11-16 Source:Wuxi Hongwang Hits:

  • APPLICATION:Golden Stainless Steel Metal Screen
  • COUNTRY:Malaysia
  • USED MATERIAL:Embossed, Brush Finish& Hairline
  • GRADESS201
  • REQUIREMENT: Little Possibility of Corrosion,More Durable,Considerable Recycling Price

stainless steel lines

As a color that symbolizes dignity, gold is becoming more and more common in modern life, especially in hotels. The main decoration of the hotel in Malaysia this time is stainless steel lines also the neat&uniform style. The stainless steel metal screen, and the main color is also the favorite gold. Compared with other lobbies, the second floor of this hotel’s lobby is more cleverly arranged for the stainless steel screens. The screens are treated as full-top guardrails on the second floor. While protecting the privacy of guests, the metallic luster of stainless steel also sets off the entire lobby more magnificently.

In the case of hotels, stainless steel has little possibility of corrosion, and it is more durable than screens made of wood or other materials. Secondly, the market recycling price of stainless steel is also very considerable. For hotels that need frequent renovations, the early stage A slightly larger investment can be made up for later.