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Taiwan Restaurant Interior Decoration
Time:2020-09-09 Source:Wuxi Hongwang Hits:

  • APPLICATION:Restaurant Interior Decoration
  • COUNTRY:China
  • USED MATERIAL:Laser cut bronze stainless steel
  • GRADE304,316L
  • REQUIREMENT: Rich Colors, Varied patterns,Perfect Modeling

Laser cut bronze stainless steel

Compared with the simple leisure of western style decoration style, Chinese decoration style is more stereoscopic and intuitive, so stainless steel materials have become the preference of many designers. Rich colors, varied patterns and perfect modeling are the outstanding advantages of stainless steel materials, which are also the reasons why many Chinese interior decoration designers use stainless steel materials more and more in recent years. Compared with the frailty of traditional wood, the stainless steel door frame used in this time can not only retain the wood grain and the aesthetic feeling of wood after surface treatment, but also be more durable than wood, and will be more light and convenient for people to get in and out. Hongwang stainless steel has been pursuing the innovation of science and technology and upgrading of products. While doing a good job in quality, it pays more attention to customer service, so it has a large number of loyal customers.