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Chinese Shengde Center Stair Handrail & Sliding Door
Time:2021-03-03 Source:Wuxi Hongwang Hits:

  • APPLICATION:Stair Handrail&Sliding Door
  • COUNTRY:China
  • USED MATERIAL:Rose Golden No.4 Stainless Steel Sheet
  • GRADESS304
  • REQUIREMENT: Enhance the spatial level and lighting effect

Stairs are often a focus of architectural design, playing the role of embellishment space, and space also provides a stage to show the beauty of stainless steel stairs. The stairs, platforms and handrails of continuous steps constitute a complete staircase. Among them, the metal handrail is often the first foothold of the line of sight.

stainless steel stair handrail

stainless steel coil

stainless steel stairs

The customers of Desheng center like the minimalist style. The handrail is made of glass and stainless steel. The lines are smooth and neat, and there is a flavor between the ups and downs. In the stainless steel flow out of rich light and dark color, with the transparent glass, greatly enhance the spatial level and lighting effect.

stainless steel stair handrail

stainless steel stair handrail

Stepping down the last step and turning into the front hall, you can see the elegant champagne gold narrow frame sliding door, which is light, flexible, simple and atmospheric, connecting the kitchen and the outer hall without any abrupt feeling. And cut off the lampblack, also does not affect the permeability of the space, and the whole space into one, quite fashionable.

stainless steel sliding door

Wuxi Hongwang provides customers with various types of stainless steel products. We can use stainless steel to make stainless steel stair handrails and stainless steel sliding doors. The design enhances the sense of hierarchy in the space and is deeply loved by customers.

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