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Singapore Office Building Reception Hall
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  • APPLICATION:Office Building Reception Hall
  • COUNTRY:Singapore
  • USED MATERIAL:Antique stainless steel(bronze),laser cut
  • GRADE:304,316L
  • REQUIREMENT: Save costs and time for later maintenance and repair

Antique stainless steel

How to show the high-end atmosphere of an office building? Ingenious use of stainless steel decoration can make the space structure more harmonious. Singapore is a free and kind transition, but how to maintain a stable character in freedom, let the heavy stainless steel metal to create this atmosphere. The combination of deep bronze stainless steel plate and silver gray screen makes the building show his taste and style. The biggest difference between high-end office buildings and low-end office buildings is that the best materials are used in advance to save costs and time for later maintenance and repair. Choosing high quality stainless steel suppliers has been their choice for a long time.