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Dubai Hotel Lounge
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  • APPLICATION:Dubai Hotel Lounge
  • COUNTRY:United Arab Emirates  
  • USED MATERIAL:rose gold hairline stainless steel
  • GRADE:304,316L
  • REQUIREMENT: Natural, Environmental Protection, Health, Unique Style and Personality

rose gold hairline stainless steel

With the progress of the society and the development of the times, people are pursuing more and more natural, environmental and healthy decorative materials. As a high-end Hotel VIP rest space, it must have a unique style and personality. Stainless steel, as a modern people's pursuit of green life, due to its special chemical properties,, it can often bring a different style to the whole environment after reprocessing. The decoration is still in the traditional Arab style, and the large area of gold inlay creates a brilliant feeling. With the advantage of stable color control, a variety of color selection, Hongwang stainless steel is more popular with customers who need large area color decoration.