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Korea Biomedical Tank
Time:2020-08-21 Source:Wuxi Hongwang Hits:

  • APPLICATION:Biomedical Tank
  • COUNTRY: Korea
  • USED MATERIAL:antibacterial stainless steel
  • GRADE:304,316L
  • REQUIREMENT: Good mechanical properties,Excellent Biocompatibility and Physiological Corrosion Resistance,Good Price

antibacterial stainless steel

Stainless steel is a kind of biocompatible metal material which has no adverse effect on contact with biological tissue and its performance and function are not affected by biological tissue. Compared with titanium, titanium alloy and cobalt based alloy, stainless steel is a biomedical metal material with low price and wide application.

As a biomedical equipment stainless steel, in addition to good mechanical properties, physical and chemical properties and processing manufacturability, it should also have excellent biocompatibility and physiologicalcorrosion resistance. High performance stainless steel for medical devices is a kind of steel with high surface quality and high dimensional accuracy, which requires good strength, toughness, corrosion resistance and  functionality.Inspired by the new Corona Virus in 2020, Hongwang group has researched and produced surface antibacterialtechnology and applied it to stainless steel sheet. Such stainless steel will be better combined with biomedicine and promote the further development of biomedicine.