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Jordan Natural Gas Pipelines
Time:2020-09-09 Source:Wuxi Hongwang Hits:

  • APPLICATION:Natural Gas Pipelines
  • COUNTRY: Jordan
  • USED MATERIAL:Heat resisting material,exotic material
  • GRADE:2205,904L,316L,317L,309S,310S
  • REQUIREMENT:  Strength, Toughness and Weldability

Heat resisting material,exotic material

Strength, toughness and weldability are the three most basic quality control indexes for natural gas pipelines made of stainless steel. Therefore, reinforced stainless steel materials of different specifications can be used for production and transportation of different types of gas pipelines. The gas gathering pipeline made of stainless steel is from the wellhead of a gas field to a gas treatment plant or a starting compressor station through a gas gathering station. It is mainly used to collect untreated natural gas extracted from the formation. Due to the high pressure of gas well, the pressure of gas gathering pipeline is generally more than 98KP, and the pipe diameter is mostly DN50-DN 150. Therefore, it is necessary to use stainless steel materials of higher specifications to make gas gathering pipelines, so as to better adapt to the needs of gas transmission with higher strength.