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Chile Drinking Water Pipe
Time:2020-08-21 Source:Wuxi Hongwang Hits:

  • APPLICATIONDrinking Water Pipe
  • COUNTRYChile
  • USED MATERIALBA or Hairline Finish
  • GRADE304,430
  • REQUIREMENT: Safe,Non-toxic Health, Avoid Secondary Pollution,Environmental Protection

Pipe made of stainless steel

Pipe made of stainless steel is the best direct drinking water pipe. With the characteristics of low leakage rate, it can save valuable water resources. In addition, compared with copper water pipe, water pipe made of stainless steel has good water permeability and is not corroded under high flow conditions. Pipe made of stainless steel is a kind of safe and non-toxic health material which can be implanted into human body. The inner wall of stainless steel water pipe is smooth, which will not scale and is not easy to be polluted by bacteria. It can avoid the secondary pollution to the water quality and do not have to worry about the impact of water quality.<

In addition, our country requires high-grade engineering buildings, hotels and some medical units to replace the original pipes and lay stainless steel pipes. The state also strongly advocates the use of stainless steel pipes in residential buildings.