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Dubai Custom Made Metal Furniture
Time:2020-09-09 Source:Wuxi Hongwang Hits:

  • APPLICATION:Metal Furniture
  • COUNTRY:Dubai
  • USED MATERIAL:Mirror black, hairline champagne,antique
  • GRADE:304 or 201
  • REQUIREMENT: Good Appearance, Long service life, Easy to Clean

Mirror black, hairline champagne,antique

Why do people like to make furniture with stainless steel material more and more?

The furniture made of stainless steel has a good appearance and a bright surface. The stainless steel furniture has a strong sense of fashion. If you don't like the silver metal light, in Hongwang stainless steel,you can also choose rose gold, gold, black titanium, etc.; the furniture made is colorful and looks good.

Long service life: Hongwang stainless steel is corrosion resistant and durable. And the pressure bearing capacity is also very strong, there will be no broken situation, so that the production of furniture use time is long.

Easy to clean: the surface of Hongwang stainless steel plate is bright and easy to scrub. If the surface is dark after several years of use, you can also wipe a wax. After wiping the wax, the surface of the product will be bright as new.